Nov 24, 2011

My First Ever Photoshoot!

Hahahaha... nervous, awkward, fun, exciting, stiff - I felt them all!! I definitely need a lot more practice haha! So enjoy some of the photos from my first ever photoshoot!! Photos were taken by Hafiz Atan.

First, the company asked for a photo of only myself.

Then, a photo with my dearest hubby, Mr Asyraf.

 Then, a photo with the car achieved through the Car Fund :). Alhamdulillah, I got this car after about only 1 year in the business...

Then I figured, why not take a family photo? So here's Aisyah Alyssa posing for the camera.. You go girl!!

My beloved family.. The real reason why I do this business, and my motivation to keep going forward, despite any obstacles and challenges. I love you both!!!

I gotta admit, the photoshoot experience was a lot of fun!! Hmm, I foresee another one coming in the future.. MOST DEFINITELY :D.


Nov 19, 2011

My Official Crowning... Is Tonight....

The BIG event is tonight...

... and I'm sooo freaking nervous!!!

I'm not feeling well, coughing and sneezing, luckily fever is gone though..

My dress is still not completely ready... Still some tweakings to be done by the designer...

To make things worse, I'm breaking out in pimples!! GOSH!!!!! I haven't had pimples for years now, could this be a stress thing??? STOP IT!!

OMG, this is nervewrecking!!
Imagine fumbling in front of nearly 10,000 people??!!! Nationwide? In front of the cameras? And media??!!

What if I missed a step and fall down??

What if I trip on my dress??

What if I sneeze or cough right when I'm accepting the award??!!



Seriously, someone needs to CALM ME DOWN. 

Any takers??


Nov 18, 2011



You know who you are, and you know that I'm so very, very proud of you all :)

I really can't wait to go and have fun with you guys again!!

Anybody can go on any trip on their own if they have the funds for it, 

but not anyone can go on FREE VIP TRIPS together with their BEST BUDDIES, 
and have everything FULLY SPONSORED by the company!!!

In the meantime, I guess feasting our eyes on these pics will have to do right?

Like a painting, isn't it? Goh-geous!! And imagine, we're going in April, in the middle of spring, so these will be in FULL BLOOM.. Subhanallah.. I can't wait......

Imagine touring the beautiful city on those bikes (burn off those calories, baby!!) or maybe go down the canals by boat!! So romantic....

I wanna get a pair of these. Would it be too weird if I wear these while meeting clients? Hahaha.. Cute whatttttt......

Do you think I would look cute in this outfit? Haha... Looks super comfy though... 

Geez... I can't wait! I can't wait! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! Can't wait to see the excited faces of my buddies all over again :)... You guys will have tons of fun, I guarantee it :D..

To those that missed the Holland trip, that is okay, there are more trips coming after this... The one currently ongoing now is VIETNAM!!! And you know what that means?? 


Hey, I know people from Malaysia go to Vietnam on their own all the time, but didn't I tell you? 
This particular Vietnam trip is a 5-STAR VIP, F.O.C TRIP??!!! 

You don't have to spend a single cent!! 
And you get to stay at all the 5 or 6-star hotels, ALL EXPENSES (airfare, lodging, food, ground transportation, entrance fees to parks/exhibits/anything) 
FULLY PAID by the company.

Your money? Save it for SHOPPING!!! Come on, when else can you shop like Kings and Queens?! With no care in the world! Isn't that fantastic??!!

Contact me now to find out how. If you want to travel like us, you need to learn from people who get to travel like us. So don't waste anymore time! Contact me now! Let me show you how!

Adliza 019-2666-160


Oct 25, 2011


- From Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well, nobody here started great from the get-go, nobody started knowing everything (or even anything!)... Everyone started by taking the first step, the rest we teach and they learn. We are here to guide you, take advantage of the hand that is being extended.


Oct 21, 2011

Fashion Tips!! For Plus Size, Curvy People Like Me....

Alhamdulillah... so many awesome things have happened recently!! But today I feel like taking a short break from writing about the biz, and write about other things that I'm also passionate about :).


Yes, yes, for those who are like me, who aren't exactly in the sizes 0 - 12 category, sometimes it is quite difficult to get the right look and the right fit.

Most of us (me included before I knew any better) resign to wearing big, baggy, shapeless garbs which just DO NOT FLATTER. As I call it, "makcik" clothes hehe...

How makcik do I look??!!! Shapeless, baggy, totally unflattering clothing!!! Sorry I couldn't find an even makcik-er photo, I didn't like taking pictures back then...

Hey, we wanna look stylish too!!

Yes, there are stores that offer plus size clothing, but based on my experience, some of them do not take into account the woman's curves. 

What do I mean?

Not only am I a plus size woman, I am also a CURVY woman.

I have assets on the front and the back :P.

So it's super annoying, when EVEN trying out plus size outfits of my size, that my chest don't fit!! 

So I normally end up having to go for a larger size - and having clothes that fit my chest, but not the rest of my body!
The waistline's too big, the shoulder's too big, everything ends up looking baggy on me, and I end up looking even bigger than I am.

A definite NO NO for big people. The aim is to look SMALLER, people :).

So, after much painstaking research (more like tons of shopping hehe), I've found several looks that I think work for my body type. I've gotten some compliments on these looks - most of which, people say that I look much slimmer than I really am! Haha YES!!

So let me share some of them ok. Hope you can also get some ideas on what might work for you :).

Fitted dress from Elle, leggings, and cardigan from Ms Read. Necklace is from Aldo. Paired with some shiny flats. This combination works because it fits my curve, not baggy so my waist looks small. In fact, even my hips and legs look smaller too. The bottom half of the dress is dark in color so that also helps. BUT, I am conscious about looking too sexy and chesty-licious (haha!) so i wear the cardigan on top, which is also black, so it helps me to look less top-heavy and have smaller arms :). I love this cardigan because the material is heavy, it falls nicely and doesn't add bulk.

I recently fell in love with the new store, FLOW. They have beautiful and practical pieces, and best of all, they cater specifically for CURVY people of all sizes. Look at this gorgeous yet simple dress. No fuss, clean lines and super comfy to wear. It's almost as comfy as a t-shirt, I'm not kidding you. I wear this top with either leggings or slim-fit jeans. Straight cut pants don't work with this top. Since the top is too simple, I pair it with chain belt from Orioli. If you don't want the belt, wear a long necklace instead. I love big rings - this one I purchased while on the FOC VIP trip to Perth :).

Haha, not the best pose here. I look kinda short here. And yes, another purple outfit! It's not that I love purple (oh wait, I DO!! Haha), but I happen to only have these photos for the moment. I promise I'll share other colors too next time.

The long black dress and the purple cardigan were both purchased in Perth, Australia. But my tip for this outfit is - find a dress with heavier material that slightly clings (but not too much) so that it falls nicely, and pair it with a long, FITTED cardigan. I have a shorter cardigan too, but it doesn't work with this dress. It makes my butt look big. And don't wear it with cardigans that are shapeless or too bulky. The material on this one is very thin, it is slightly flowy, and it is fitted. I love it! (I have another exact one in red :D). The dress is straight and shapeless so I pair it with the chain belt, also from Orioli.  

And of course, underneath all of these outfits is my ever-loyal, ever-supportive, ever-COMFY daily companion, the Premium Beautiful corset. As I go about the day wearing it, it helps to reshape (as in RE-shape = long term, not short term) and improve my health (with the built in, super beneficial FIR) while making clothes look even, even more flattering on me :). 

No bumps, folds and flabs anywhere.

And that is CONFIDENCE that money just can't buy :).

Hope these tips helped. I promise to keep them coming so keep checking the site ya! Thanks for reading. 


Oct 15, 2011

FREE iPad 2!!!!


FREE iPad 2!!!!!

With the No. 1 CDMs in Malaysia, CDM Siti Rohana and CDM Azlan

The iPad 2 was a special award, given to me because not only I became a CDM, it was also because the CDM also produced biz partners who also qualified for the special watch award...

The special watch is given to those who achieved 
RM 100,000 sales in a month!!!

And Alhamdulillah, my team produced 2 of them!!!

Our group (under the leadership of CDM Hanis) produced a total of 9 watch recipients!!! AMAZING!!! Congrats everyone!!!!


Mommy Liza is proud of you both!!!

We will be celebrating them this Saturday! Can't wait to celebrate your success, guys!!

Well, when you are in the right team, IT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE :)..

From the left, DDM Alfath (on behalf of my beloved leader, CDM Salha), CDM Razali, CDM Azlan, CDM Siti Rohana, also my beloved leader CDM Hanis, CDM Adliza and CDM Maisarah

All the CDMs in this team received the special awards (iPad, Laptops etc)... not one CDM left behind. Way to go guys!!! So proud of all of you!!!

In this biz, you only succeed if you help others succeed too.. This is not about how good ONE PERSON is, it's about TEAMWORK and helping each other out...

Bukan bisnes SS - "Syiok Sendiri" okay hehehe!!

So to all my readers and leaders, I'm ready to help you succeed too!!! If we can do it, YOU CAN TOO!!

All you need is the DESIRE to want it too! No skills necessary okay... Just the willingness to learn from the leaders :).. 

We will guide you every step of the way!

For more info, do give me a call ok :)
019-2666-160 /


Oct 7, 2011

It's Official......

.... I am now a.......



To have achieved the HIGHEST LEVEL in the business, in LESS THAN 2 YEARS.. I am definitely grateful and thankful...

It did not happen by accident, 
there was definitely a LOT of CONSISTENT HARD WORK... 

However, it was not just hard work, I was also backed by the STRONGEST STRATEGIES and the MOST SUPPORTIVE & BELOVED LEADERS....

And how can I forget my beloved, DEDICATED & MOTIVATED TEAM?? 
You guys inspire me each and every day...

Now, focusing on all my beloved biz partners pulak... korang semua cepat-cepat CDM! 

CDM 2012 CONFIRM!!!!